Don’t ask how much it hurt my stomach tonight to take the meds and the side effect meds (now that’s irony for you, but I digress). And I won’t tell you. Because whine I would. So.

I’m very tired of the meds but I’m steadily getting better, and that’s the important thing.

The burn was better enough today for me to persist in the delusion I was burnfree and I could knit. Knit knit knit. I had a little bit of ice cream today. Maybe more than a bit. Mmm.

And? As of today, crapscarf is done! Crapscarf wasn’t cooperative with Benkei the Sidekick though, so uh, forgive the picture.


It’s enormous and is 10 inches wide by a zillion miles long. 2 skeins garnered enough to have it wrap around my neck twice and still be well past my waist. I like it! A lot!

And I have a ball of yarn that’ll match the scarf well, for a hat.

But first: the dread mitten Roberts.

Tomorrow is another day. Thank goodness.