I was given my instructions, which, of course, amounted to “Go there, look around”. Back in my barracks, I started preparing. They predicted it would be cold out, so I put on a few layers. Of course, there wasn’t enough to go around, so I had to make due with less. I made a mental note to grab more supplies and make myself some of my own cold weather gear.

Waiting for the transport was a pain, too. They wouldn’t let us stay indoors, so I had to wait out where it was cold. Luckily, the transports were heated. Just heated enough, of course, to keep us from getting frostbite.

Made a bet with one of my buddies. We’ll race to make some camoflage coverings, only using our free weekend time. Loser buys the other some chocolate, and some more materials. Man, I’m gonna love the chocolate!

Finger hurts. Looks like I’m going to have to see a medic when I get a chance.

Finally, the transport dropped me off at the LZ. A quick look at my surroundings, and I was off towards my objective. I was glad I’d bundled up, as it was cold out.

Approached the target, and started gathering information. First thing I saw was some dead muppets. They looked like they were having fun, before they got theirs. Made a mental note to return for them, and moved on.


Found some supplies that were labeled for Patons. Not bad. Another mental note.

HQ had told me to expect some bigwigs from the local black market. Said they were having a sale. Wonderful. Making it cheaper doesn’t mean it’s not crap. Tried to grab an inventory, and match the colors. Some of them were nice, but nothing really special.


By this time, I’d noticed my toe was starting to hurt. Old war wound. Sigh. Would make the rest of this trip a pain.

Just as I was starting to leave, I found some SWS’s, labeled for that Patons guy. These looked nice, so I stuffed them in my pack, and, having taken all the notes, started heading back towards the rendezvous.

I was heading back at a slow jog, when I heard a noise all of us scouts hate. The sound of our transport, on it’s way out. I tried to break into a run, but my injured toe held me up, and I saw the transport as it sped out of sight.

I bundled up, resigned to a long wait for the next one I knew would be around. Froze my butt off, but the next one did finally show up. Teeth chattering, I boarded, and tried to find a heating vent. Found one, that pushed the temp to just this side of freezing.

I dozed off, and the next thing I knew I was being shaken awake, and told I needed to switch transports. Got out, waited for the next one to arrive. Felt like a popsicle by the time it did. Made it home ok, told my ‘superiors’ what I found out, and then they told me the mission was unimportant, that the real supplies they were looking for were elsewhere.


Made it back to my barracks, jumped into the hot tub, and thought to myself:

How do I get out of this outfit?