Tiphanie: I would so knit them for my husband and my brother-in-law. But at the same time I don’t wanna. I would hate to KNIT THEM and then they never wear them. People who doesn’t appreciate handknit gifts suck. Maybe I should knit one pair for myself but eh. I wanna knit 40 pairs first.
Frarochvia: Me too. It’s crazy cool and awesome and unique and stuff but making it? I don’t know.
Tiphanie: Well, you could make a pair of Matrix socks.
Frarochvia: I would probably knit Cookie’s Herringbone before this.
Tiphanie: Yeah. I’m more likely to try something from Sensational Knitted Socks or Favorite Socks. But this is cute.
Frarochvia: It really is! And I don’t want to make Matrix socks okay! Heh.
Tiphanie: Maybe I should knit this. Just for a scream, I can actually knit my husband’s high score. We actually have that game.


Tiphanie: I’m not nuts about it. Looks like a sweater you would purchase from Ross.
Frarochvia: I don’t hate this.
Tiphanie: Only thing I’m gonna say about this is that you can customize this for your body. Shorten it, lengthen it. Adjust sleeve lengths. Then it’s where I go sweaters wonderful sweaters wonderfuL.
Frarochvia: Aside from thinking the collar is ass. I probably will use this as a reference for my next striped sweater. But I find myself thinking eh- if I wanna a cardigan I can design my own.
Tiphanie: Yeah. Not nuts about the collar. But you change the collar, it’s no longer Carolyn.
Frarochvia: As I was saying, I will probably refer to Carolyn for my next striped sweater I make. Except for the effing collar.


Tiphanie: Um. It looks like a pajama top. Looks comfortable but too comfy.
Frarochvia: And it’s at sock gauge! Gah! I do like the color. Oh my bad, it’s not sock gauge, but it has sock yarn contrast trim. It’s pretty and comfortable. Not groundbreaking.
Tiphanie: Sock yarn. who cares. I’m the one who want to knit a sweater with thin yarn. anyway, I like the touch of handpainted yarn for detailing.
Tiphanie: Mm. I like this as a pajama top. I’m sorry but this looks like a pajama top. Maybe it’s because of the sleeves. Looks too damn comfortable.
Frarorchvia: It does. Too uh, flaccid.
Tiphanie: Flaccid hehehe.
Frarochvia: Well, it’s not droopy or stretched out. It’s just uh..flaccid.


Tiphanie: Retro! I love retro! Retro. Retro. Retro.
Frarochvia: Retro. And I love this. The armies, not so much.
Tiphanie: Yeah. I’m gonna skip the arms. I like the ribbing on the bottom. Delicious!
Frarochvia: Definitely.
Tiphanie: I would probably add an inch to sleeves for me. I got fat arms. Grin
Frarochvia: Grin.
Tiphanie: But I like! Maybe I’ll order one more batch of Knitpicks Andean silk for that.
Frarochvia: I like it too.
Tiphanie: Tiphanie APPROVED!


Frarochvia: APPROVED!
Tiphanie: I am so gonna knit this.
Frarochvia: Appppppppproved.
Tiphanie: Not right now. Need to finish two tops I got lined up.
Frarochvia: Loooooooooooooove.
Frarochvia: Shorter arms for sure. But that’s about it.
Tiphanie: Will def swatch for it in July or August. So I can cast in September or October.
Frarochvia: Love the collar love the cable love the split neck and bottom.
Tiphanie: Good thing about this pattern is that it’s mostly stockinette.
Frarochvia: But the noonstockinette portions are spectacular.
Tiphanie: So it should be a reasonably quick knit.
Frarochvia: I’m in love with it all over again. Hey this could be knit with TLC cotton plus. I’d have to think about what I would use for mine. I have some jadeite minty Lion Brand Cotton Ease I could use.


Frarochvia: I want to like Isabella, but really? I really don’t.
Tiphanie: Yeah. It’s a sweet top but eh- not what I want. I love leaves detailing but I think it’s not bra-proof. Peek a boo! Nah.
Frarochvia: Very sweet. The design is great. The lace is lovely. But yeah. Bra stretching the v-neck, the eyelets on the trunk, gah.
Tiphanie: Airy top!
Frarochvia: And the picot on the armholes, nonononono. But other than that, it’s lovely. *laugh* and also I don’t like the color. Shallow!
Tiphanie: You’re shallow after you preached about looking past colors geez.


Tiphanie: I don’t care what you think. I want it. I love it.
Frarochvia: *mumbles something about hating it*
Tiphanie: I shall disregard your opinion. I really love this. I need a wrap and hey I need an excuse to buy a cute flower pin. AnywayI love it and you don’t.
Frarochvia: *mumbles something about Tiphanie having no taste*
Tiphanie: I shall tune you out!

Tiphanie: I don’t like it. More Stripes- for what? I don’t get it.
Frarochvia: It’s a steeked V-neck top. It’s a use for Noro silk garden.
Tiphanie: Blah. I don’t care and I don’t like it.
Frarochvia: I like the striping. I’m allowed to say that…
Tiphanie: Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah.
Frarochvia: Hahaha.
Tiphanie: Like that Designer from the Incredibles. Mode? Blah. Blah. Blah. All talk!
Frarochvia: E!
Tiphanie: And I don’t care. Stripes neat. You can get the stripes on the top to line up. But I still don’t like it. Blah. Blah. Blah.
Frarochvia: Her name was E!
Tiphanie: Edna. I suck.
Frarochvia: No. You’re crappy.
Tiphanie: Her last name- Moda. Edna Moda.
Frarochvia: Can’t believe you didn’t remember her name.
Tiphanie: You suck too. Let me google.
Tiphanie: It’s Edna Mode! So I’m was close. It’s MODE! And you’re like NO NO It’s E! E! Geez.
Frarochvia: Blah. Blah. Blah. *hand flapping open-close*
Tiphanie: Anyway. Stripes cool if you want to do the stripes perfectly. But me? Would I wear it? Yeah right.
Frarochvia: Blah. Blah. Blah.


Frarochvia: Monica, I love. Especially the shot with the tulle skirt.
Tiphanie: It’s cute-cute. Love designs for kids.
Frarochvia: Makes me want to wear a tulle skirt.


Tiphanie: It’s cute.
Frarochvia: Brair Rose is designed by the same woman who does Black Bunny Fibers.
Tiphanie: It’s a lovely piece. I think it’s neat. Two colors. Two designs. I like the picot cuffs.
Frarochvia: Yeah. Definitely not too childish. Picot hem. Cute. I like. Could see doing this for me.
Tiphanie: Picot hem for sleeves- why not?


Frarochvia: The picture is great, and I love the tights. But that skirt is way too effing short.


Tiphanie: It’s cute. I like the babies too. The neck’s large enough for a baby’s head. Very important yes.
Frarochvia: And Vestee is cuuuute.
Tiphanie: And four options! Short. Long. Hooded. Unhooded.
Frarochvia: Big neck, no buttons, easy to put on and wear.


Tiphanie: Okay. It’s beautiful yes. But…it’s one stitch pattern. You have to buy a certain yarn to recreate the scarf.
Frarochvia: I don’t really like it.  No, you can’t buy this.  It’s a spun yarn.
Tiphanie: That was my point. You can’t recreate it.
Frarochvia: Okay. We’re on same page now.
Tiphanie: I just like the idea of uh trying a lace pattern with striped, varied, etc. Rather than knitting a garter scarf. Stockinette. Blah blah.
Frarochvia: The pattern I guess… my problems with it are: 1) it’s stitch pattern from somebody else, and 2) argosy is much more spiffy.
Tiphanie: One thing I worry about knitting with lace. Will the scarf stay blocked or will it end up in a crumpled heap around your neck?
Frarochvia: I’m just bothered by the fact that it’s a stitch pattern. I understand a lot of scarves are like that, I get it. But it bugs me. Argosy is unique, and it was invented. Wavy, ditto. Stuff like that I like.


Tiphanie: Lovely but *sigh*
Frarochvia: I know. You’re bitter.
Tiphanie: I still wanna knit fletching but may be with sock yarns.Yeah. Me bitter-bitter.
Frarochvia: Maybe you need sport weight.:)
Tiphanie: It’s lovely. Unisex!
Frarochvia: Definitely. I’d wear it.


Tiphanie: Intringuing. But I think- would it get dirty fast?
Frarochvia: Definitely intriguing. Inspring. Would I make it? Probably not.
Tiphanie: I just think that it’s neat.
Frarochvia: But I like it a lot. I can see it being sold for an exhorbiant amount of money in a twee stop.
Tiphanie: Hehe. So knit one and then sell. Get rich.
Frarochvia: I’ll pass.


Tiphanie: I like it- not the actual bracelet. But I like the idea. Now I need to go and buy some wires and beads.
Frarochvia: I would love it. It’s unusual. This is what I definely like.
Tiphanie: Yeah.
Frarochvia: Silvered and czech glass. Yes.


Frarochvia: I love it. I’m considering that or Baudelaire for my pink Cherry Tree Hill.
Tiphanie: I’m the queen so I shall knit this.
Frarochvia: Should I knit that or Baudelaire?
Tiphanie: I don’t care. You’ll knit both eventually. I say Baudelaire first. You probably examined the pattern 30x.
Frarochvia: Well, yeah. But I only have one Cherry Tree Hill skein. Snerk.
Tiphanie: So knit it. So what?
Frarochvia: Baudelaire it is.
Tiphanie: Not the last skein in the world. And besides you need to examine Queen of Cups at least twenty times before you permit yourself to knit it.
Frarochvia: Hahahahahaha. Good plan.

Tiphanie: Eh. It’s boring.
Frarochvia: I don’t like it.
Tiphanie: I’m frayed! NEXT!


Frarochvia: Clessidra is Yum. Yum.
Tiphanie: Cherry bomb da. It shall be a rich shade. Red-purple. Violet Plum. Something. Deep rose pink. But it’s gonna be mine.
Frarochvia: Mmmm.
Tiphanie: Mmmmm. mmmmm. Your thoughts?
Frarochvia: I love it. Deep red. I know, it’s the picture, but deep red. Or lavender. Or grey?
Tiphanie: I love the pattern. Very lovely. I don’t mind the seed stitch.
Frarochvia: The seed front is maybe the only thing I have reservations about. But it is lovely.