I’m getting a jumpstart on June’s socks, if only because I can’t find the yarn for the other half of my ankle socks, and besides soothing stockinette is a balm to my soul right now. I’d already knit the first half of the pair way back in February…. that’s a long time to go without casting on for the second sock, especially for me. But simple stockinette toe-up socks, I can handle that.

I’d already sewn on the picot hem on the first sock, but you know what? I’m just not happy with it, especially compared to my cuff-down picot hems. I’m thinking of ripping it out on the first sock, actually, and maybe doing a lace rib cuff instead. I don’t know. What do you think? What would you do? I have a long time to go before I worry about it; I’m still on the foot. It’s lovely soothing stockinette but definitely I’m not fast right now.

Just as well.

Maybe today I’ll make good progress on the sock; it’s another day of cross-state travel as I’m seeing the surgeon today for a check up.

Three weeks ago today, can you imagine? It seems like a thousand years ago to me.

Except for the stitches. They’re not all gone, you see, and these so-called dissolvable stitches are driving me mad. I’m so glad they’re all going to be removed today. Not a moment too soon, for sure.