Full disclosure: the gramma is horrified I’m blogging about this today.

But it’s the truth😉

For a long time, I loved these pajama pants. Maybe a little too much. Especially this clown pair. They used to be bright orange, baby pink and blue, olive, and red. They… became a sad sad caricature of themselves, and yet I wore them the most of all my pajama pants because they were my cheer me up pair, my goofy clown pair, and I always somehow felt better in them.

Gramma? Hated them a lot. They look awful! You wore away the hem of the cuffs! You need to wear SOMETHING ELSE! I just couldn’t reform. I liked the pants too much.

Until the day that the seat split clean open, worn away from much loving and much sitting pretzled up on the sofa.

That was one way to get me to stop wearing them, all right. I’d have fixed them, but the fabric is pretty much shredded. Boohoohoo.

Perhaps it was for the best, anyhow.

Time to move on to my second favorite pair, mm? You’ll notice a small trend, I think, in how they’re covered with circles too. Circles? Are my favorite shape! Really. And these were pink! Bonus!

It’s really too bad that the very next day, I realized that the seat of this pair had several holes in it…. so much for having a second favorite pair.

And thus I was down to subsisting on two pairs of pajama pants, neither of which are favorites. Two is not a lot when you live in pajamas.