It sounds so strange, and indeed improbable, but nonetheless, it is true: I have discovered garter stitch.

Look at this if you don’t believe me.


It’s a project I all but finished a few months ago, a worsted weight interpretation of the laceweight Knit Picks scarf cowl pattern, using the purple Araucania Atacama alpaca yarn that Mary sent me. Look closely. Every single one of these stitches are twisted. This is how I did my “garter stitch” without realizing I was screwing up for oh, twenty one months. How the heck was I able to call myself a knitter?

I only figured this out recently, in the base of the Manos to-be-felted bag, where I experimented with wrapping the yarn differently to make garter stitch easier to knit. The aha moment when I’d realized I had previously been knitting all my garter stitch stitches through the back loops… oops.

No wonder “garter stitch” used to be tedious and take forever.

My flutter scarf suffered the same twisted fate as the scarf cowl. As did my fingerless mitts. What should have been loose and sproingy (I now realize) was rigid and more like a horizontally ribbed fabric. Not so bad in the items I made, (honestly, I think the twisted stitches in the mitt are perfect) but bad enough that I feel the need to redeem myself and discover the magic of plain garter stitch in something obvious.

But maybe not too obvious. A traditional garter stitch scarf seems too simple to repeat endlessly, although I confess that I’ve impulsively knitted one this week on Mr Pointy’s 12mm chunks of ebony, because I craved the process of the garter stitch. It filled two wonderful evenings while I was reading Stephen King before bed, and that was good.


Yarn Bee Beguile was lovely for a novelty yarn, being an unsnaggable center ribbon with flutters on both sides. I don’t even know why this yarn was in the stash, but the colors were great and it’s actually soft. Picasso and I both approved of the yarn. I probably should knit him a garter stitch square of the leftovers, to give him something to carry. He’s a freak.

But I want to celebrate garter stitch, not merely use it.

How about a horizontal garter stitch scarf? But in what yarn? I could do Manos… I have three shades of blue that would look great horizontally striped.

I also like the garter stitch neckwarmer idea that’s on that link too… I’d just use one of my skeins of alpaca and go to town, omitting the buttonholes because alpaca does tend to stretch. In fact, I’m gonna cast on for this now… quick and fun! I love Misti Alpaca Chunky soooooooo muuuuuuuuuuuch.

Or what about the swiss cheese scarf? Its startling simplicity combined with the visually stunning results is tempting. Perhaps in a lovely deep red laceweight. I confess I keep thinking about this. And thinking about this.

How about this diagonal scarf? The pattern seems especially suited for another (mysteriously present) novelty yarn I have in stash, consisting of different types of constructions and colors within one yarn. It’d be fun, and I do like novelty yarns in moderation.

I’m even thinking about whether Clapotis would look good in garter stitch.

Maybe an alpaca wrap using garter stitch entrelac in a loose gauge?

Tell me, what’s your favorite garter stitch project?