The santa fe style thick and thin bulky handspun yarn I’d bought from Colorado Sandstone Ranch confounded me for two years. An enticing mix of colors in a wool that wasn’t as soft as merino but was squeezy and fun, this yarn was one of my first purchases as a knitter. I didn’t have a project in mind, just “want!”. And I tried to use it a few times, but frogged it every time, because, let’s be honest, what can you REALLY do with about 130 yards of thick and thin wool?

Until urchin.

And then I was completely inspired. And whipped this up. I love how it stripes vertically! Very cool.


Picasso loved it. Maybe a little bit. Tiny bit.


He’s obscenely cute. I might have taken something like 60 pictures of him lolling on the hat.

The hat ended up too big for me (I knew that, the whole time, but I wanted to make the biggest size to see how much too big it would be, I like hats with some ease). Guess who adopted it all on her own and pretty much said THIS IS MY HAT without, you know, me offering it or anything like that?


Yeah. She loves it.