It’s time to do something about this. Truth be told, even though I worked on the Seattle socks, and thought about doing something about the other socks, I’m feeling done. I haven’t finished an actual pair of socks in months. MONTHS, people. I put them all out, these unfinished socks, and they weigh on me. I don’t love them. I just don’t. Most of the work was done while I was sick, and the quality of the work is sort of… lacking.


Is it horrible to say, hi socks, I know I actually 100% finished one of a pair on two of you, but really, I’m just not that into you. And don’t want to spend the entire rest of the year slogging on you.

Even if you’re stockinette. Or 2×2 ribbing.

What was I thinking, btw, making a wool ankle sock out of FELTABLE YARN?